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Case Study – Keltruck Future-Proofs Business With A New Charging Network

Keltruck Ltd is Europe’s largest independent Scania distributor. The company required an established charging infrastructure to support its new e-fleet.


keltruck charging network

Client: Keltruck Ltd

Geographical area: UK wide


The Background

As part of its new electrification strategy, which includes 43 full electric vehicles (EVs) for use by their management and depot team, Keltruck required an established charging infrastructure to support its new e-fleet.

The Keltruck team also recognised that EV smart charging and back-office management software would provide reliability and allow them to monitor usage, and they wanted a solution that would support the ongoing electrification of the business. The partnership with Mer (formerly Elmtronics) will future-proof Keltruck’s business as they expand further into zero-emission vehicles.

keltruck charging network

The Solution

To help the company prepare for this electric transition, full site surveys were carried out across 15 sites including Keltruck’s headquarters in West Bromwich and its testing facility in Cardiff.

Calculating the demand of the current EV fleet, whilst accounting for Keltruck’s expansion plans, it was decided that the company required 41 sockets in total with the main focus on the headquarters. We installed 13 chargers at two locations at the HQ within the main car park and one of the building’s wings.

Future-proofing was also a major factor for the company so additional cabling was put in place at the site to allow the company to increase its charge point numbers as their EV offering expands.

With 80% of the locations close to electrical capacity, active load balancing was used to manage the flow of energy to the charge points, while the management software gives the team instant access to real-time data on usage which will help inform future roll-out plans.

With further developments in the pipeline, including the transition towards electric courtesy cars for customer use, the partnership with Mer will future-proof Keltruck’s business while adding zero-emission vehicle capacity. The installation had extra capacity built-in which will meet the growing demand.

“As a Scania dealer we are helping drive the shift towards sustainable transport systems, creating a world of mobility that is better for business, society and the environment. We value this long-term partnership. It will allow us to extend sites and propel our business into a zero-emission future.”

David Morgan, Sales Director at Keltruck

One of the unique features of the project was the requirement for bespoke charge point designs which we delivered by designing and overseeing the installation of branded wraps to each of the 41 charge points.

“With the size of the main HQ site, this was a challenging installation with cabling required to run underground at a 200 metre distance. We rose to the challenge and the end result will provide Keltruck with a solution which will meet the company’s needs in the long-term.”

Marvin Wright, Mer UK Associate Consultant – fleet and workplace charging

Elmtronics became part of the Mer group from April 2022. The move will further strengthen Mer UK’s offering in the UK to provide workplace, fleet, public and home charging solutions.

Mer’s mission is to make sustainable electric mobility easy and accessible to everyone.

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