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The Power Play – Energy Demand Management

In this blog, we talk to Mer EV charging experts about the topic of energy demand management and how your sites can cope with the increased demand for power.

White van charges up at depot


With the transition to electric vehicles now well underway, charging infrastructure will become a standard feature in workplace car parks. But can your sites cope with the increased demand for power needed to recharge multiple EVs? Or are you restricted in your fleet electrification plans by grid constraints?

“At Mer, when we are talking to a potential new customer, the first step is to establish what supply is available and therefore how many charging points it could support. We provide the client with clear analysis on what infrastructure they can install without jeopardising the integrity of the power supply to the building itself.”

Stevie Jones, Associate Consultant at Mer

“One of the biggest challenges that businesses face is getting the right power in the right place at the right time. EV chargers account for a lot of energy usage and that can be a big cost to a business. However, we can work around it with our active load balancing and smart charging technology, making the most effective use of whatever available power there is at a site. This helps delay further investment until a business gets to phase two or three of their electrification journey, when they will need to bring in more power with a new DNO connection.”

Marvin Wright, Associate Consultant at Mer

“You may come into this process thinking that you need one or two charge points. However, as things evolve it’s virtually guaranteed that you will need more charging – and with that comes the need for more power. There will be a power grab by your neighbours as they look to get more supply into their depots and workplaces. A lot of businesses start their charge point roll-out quite small, but the speed of electrification is accelerating, so don’t get left behind.”

If all this sounds daunting, don’t be put off! We have become energy experts so you don’t have to – talk to one of our team to find out more about how we can help.

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