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Landlords, Retailers & Developers: Why Now Is The Time To Install A Commercial EV Charging Station.

Commercial EV charging stations attract tenants and visitors, increase dwell time, profits, and more. Here's why you should consider installation in 2021.

A paradigm shift

In 2020, Pure-electric vehicle (BEVs) sales were up 186% and 1 in every 10 cars registered in the UK was an Alternative Fuel Vehicle. Growth was impressive, especially considering overall car registrations were down due to the covid crisis. And 2021 data shows this growth is in no way slowing down – as of the end of August 2021 there were more than 600,000 plug-in vehicles registered (source).

With the introduction of London’s ULEZ and ‘Clean Air Zones’ in major UK cities, it’s believed a lot of drivers are on the verge of making the switch – and for many, this week’s fuel crisis was the push they needed. In fact, on 24th September, when news of a possible fuel shortage really gained momentum, Google search data showed an 1,600% increase in EV related online searches, with many EV dealerships also reporting a dramatic increase in interest and purchases.

To meet growing consumer demand, and offer affordable and accessible charging options, there’s a clear need for commercial property owners to get onboard and implement charging infrastructure.

EV Charging Checklist

Our 2021 EV Charging Checklist will help you identify what you need to know before stepping into an EV infrastructure project. ⚡️ Access your free copy & start your journey. ⚡️

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