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What Commercial Electric Vehicles Are Available in the UK, in 2024?

As demand for battery electric vans (BEVs) and electric heavy goods vehicle (HGVs) continues to rise, we highlight some of the models available or coming to the market in 2024.


What Commercial Electric Vehicles Are Available in the UK, in 2024?

As the van segment continues to charge toward electrification, and with more businesses switching their fleets to EVs, it won’t come as a surprise that many new releases are battery powered.   

When it comes to commercial vehicles, range has always been a challenge for fleet managers however with ranges nearing 300 miles for some models, the latest wave of e-vans and HGVs hints at a practical electric future for businesses of all sizes. 

In this blog, we look at commercial electric vehicles, covering: 

  • Vehicle price range 
  • Charging time 
  • Payload 
  • Vehicle range 


Commercial Electric Vans  

Canoo LDV130 

What Commercial Electric Vehicles Are Available in the UK, in 2024?

Price range: $39,950. 

Range: up to 217 miles  

Charging capability: 

  • 32 min with DC (Up to 150kW) 

Payload:  650kg   

Did the futuristic Canoo steal the CV show? We think so. The LDV, developed by the California-based company, is said to be specifically designed for last mile delivery with an optimised and customisable cargo area featuring 120 cubic feet of cargo volume. The modular design is meant to be adaptable over time, offering greater value and potential for the fleet vans throughout their lifetime.   

The LDV has the turning radius of a small passenger vehicle on a parking friendly, compact footprint, yet the payload and cargo space of a commercial delivery vehicle. Could this innovative EV have the winning algorithm to seriously compete in the last mile delivery race, globally?   

When will the Canoo be available in the UK? 

Businessvans.com reports that the Canoo – LDV130, will be launched in the UK in 2025. When it does launch in the UK it will follow a direct sales approach rather than via dealers.  In the US, retail giant Walmart and the US Postal Service have placed orders for the pod-like vehicle. Who will be the first to order in the UK? Watch this space. 


Renault Kangoo E-Tech 

What Commercial Electric Vehicles Are Available in the UK, in 2024?

Price range: starting from £37,075  

Range: 195 miles 

Charging capability:

  • AC Fast Charge (11kW): 2 hours 30 mins 
  • DC Rapid Charge (80kW): 31 mins 

Payload:  764kg 

The Kangoo E-Tech is the smallest of Renault’s e-vans. It’s perfect for businesses needing a vehicle for lots of local drop-offs. The Kangoo E-Tech’s powerful motor and fast-charging battery make it a quick electric van with a decent range. Its spacious, comfortable, and practical interior with respectable load volume means it’s fast becoming the best choice among a growing field of small electric vans. It’s also won the Small Electric Van category at the What Car? Van and Commercial Vehicle Awards 2024. 

When will the Kangoo E-Tech be available in the UK? 

This small but mighty van is already available in the UK to add to any electric fleet. 


Renault Master E-Tech 

What Commercial Electric Vehicles Are Available in the UK, in 2024?

Price range: starting at £40,833  

Range: 255 miles  

Charging capability:

  • AC Fast Charge (22kW) less than 4 hours  
  • DC Rapid Charge (130kW) 30 mins  


Renault’s electrification of its van range is gathering pace. The 100% electric Master E-Tech has a class-leading driving range of up to 255 miles on a single charge. Increased space is a priority for Renault, so the Master has a 40mm wider opening at the sliding door and 100mm longer loading area.  

When will the Renault Master E-Tech be available in the UK? 

The UK will see the Master E-Tech launch in Spring of 2024. 


Ford E-Transit 

What Commercial Electric Vehicles Are Available in the UK, in 2024?

Price from:  £48,045 plus VAT 

Range:  196 miles 

Charging capability: 

  • AC Fast Charge: 8 hours   
  • DC Rapid Charge (115 kW) in just over 30 minutes 

Payload: 2,090 kgs   

The launch of any new Ford Transit is great news for the UK fleet industry, with the iconic range having been the cornerstone of the van sector for over 50 years. So, when the fully electric E-Transit was announced, we were excited.   

Like all other large electric vans, the 2024 Ford E-Transit is based on the same basic platform as the diesel model. The difference here is in the quality of the electric transformation, the driving range, the performance, and the price.  

Starting at £48,045 plus VAT, the E-Transit is cheaper than any rival. It also offers tangible advantages over the diesel Transit, which might give any large van buyer something to consider. What Car? editor Steve Huntingford said: “The Ford E-Transit represents a watershed moment for electric vans. From now on, rather than seeing if one will fit into their operations, fleet managers will need a good reason not to go electric.”  

When will the Ford E-Transit be available in the UK? 

This beloved E-Transit is already making its mark in the UK and is available for test driving at local Ford dealerships. 


Maxus eDeliver 5 

What Commercial Electric Vehicles Are Available in the UK, in 2024?

Price from:starts at £34,000 (ex VAT) 

Range:  208 miles  

Charging capability:

  • AC Fast Charge:  5 hours 
  • DC Rapid Charge: 36mins 

Payload:  1,200kg  

The Maxus eDeliver 5 was revealed at the CV show. The newcomer is the fourth e-van in the Maxus van range joining the popular eDeliver 3,7 and 9 models.  

The eDeliver 5 comes exclusively with electric drive, featuring a 64kWh battery that gives the van a WLTP certified range of up to 208 miles. Maxus also quotes an urban range of 300 miles if speed is kept low. The payload is strong for a small van, too, with the eDeliver 5 able to carry up to 1,200kg. 

When will the Maxus eDeliver be available in the UK? 

The Maxus eDeliver 5 is available to order now, while first deliveries are expected to start in August.


Volkswagen e-Transporter 6.1 

What Commercial Electric Vehicles Are Available in the UK, in 2024?

Price from:£44,000 including VAT 

Range:  82 miles  

Charging capability: 

  • AC Fast Charge (7kW, full charge):  5.5 hours  
  • DC Rapid Charge (125kW, 15-80%):  45 mins  

Payload:  1,500kg   

While sold as an official Volkswagen product it is produced on VW’s behalf by ABT e-Line in Germany, who have been specialising in electric vehicle projects for over 10 years.   

The e-Transporter 6.1 is the first Volkswagen electric van to go on sale in the UK. Charging is handled via Type 2 and CCS charging ports. AC and DC charging is available, with a maximum current of 50kW DC accepted. The range isn’t great with Parkers commenting, “the electric Transporter is only suitable for buyers and drivers who cover an entirely predictable route or distance every day, or those who are prepared to explore the capabilities of the UK’s rapid charging network. Ride and handling are decent, and inside, the cabin is largely the same as that of the regular Transporter, which is good news, as you get much the same high-quality materials and fittings used in Volkswagen passenger cars. 

When will the e-Transporter 6.1 be available in the UK? 

Volkswagen’s first electric van launched in the UK in 2020, alongside several competing medium vans. 


Bradshaw Goupil G2 

What Commercial Electric Vehicles Are Available in the UK, in 2024?

Price from:  starting price of £26,000 

Range:  101 miles   

Now for something different, the compact, robust, and all-electric Goupil G2 utility vehicle is the ideal solution when you need to work between sites connected by public highway. Delivering class-leading performance, the G2 is available as a pick-up, cage body and box van.  

Designed and built from the ground up as an electric vehicle the G2 is available with three battery options producing zero emissions. 

Available with 3 standard body options, pick-up, cage body and box van, the G2 is a cost-effective solution for landscape, maintenance and waste management. The van body options are ideally suited for last mile food and parcel deliveries as well as facilities management both on and off site. 

When will the Bradshaw Goupil G2 be available in the UK? 

Fleets have been able to introduce this alternative electric van since 2023 in the UK. 


Electric HGVs 

What Commercial Electric Vehicles Are Available in the UK, in 2024?

At the CV show, we were treated to some of the best electric heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) coming to or in the market.  

The journey to phasing out HGVs is occurring simultaneously to the electrification of the passenger vehicle market. All new HGVs in the UK must be zero-emission by 2040.  

HGVs are accountable for 20% of the UK’s transport emissions, roughly equivalent to all UK air travel, buses, and shipping together.  

First up was the Mercedes e Econic. It’s based on the tried-and-tested Econic and was specifically developed as an all-electric alternative for locally CO2-neutral use in urban environments. The vehicles are equipped with a separate battery system with approx. 20 hours of operating capacity per charge and added solar cells.  

Also on display:  the Scania 25 P, a 4×2 rigid which will fit a 10-pallet body or equivalent. GVM is 16,000kg and the tare is around 8900kg. Power comes from a mid-mounted electric motor which is fed by five battery packs – two outboards on each side, where you’d have fuel tanks on a diesel truck, and one under the cab; The Mitsubishi Fuso eCanter, an ideal fit for inner-city delivery and transportation businesses. The torque of the electric motor enables smooth stop-start driving. Clutch/gear shifts are no longer needed. The eCanter has a high gradeability for driving up steep slopes. As the eCanter runs silently with zero emissions, it is suited to night time and early morning operations in city areas.; and the Sany E-mixer, equipped with a 350kwh battery, it needs charged only once in a day and can run over 150km under routine conditions. 



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