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Pricing: How Much Does Electric Vehicle Charging Cost?

Mer public charging stations price information.

Fast Chargers

£0.30/kWh(Up to 22kW)

Rapid Chargers

£0.39/kWh(From 50kW)


Roaming Customers

Roaming customers using our charging network, please check the prices applicable to you with your electric mobility service provider (EMSP)

Chichester District Council

Fast chargers (up to 22kW): £0.96 connection fee + £0.18/kWh


To ensure our charge points are available to as many customers as possible, we may charge an overstay fee.  The overstay fee is applied after a grace period when a vehicle is connected and not charging. To find out if there is an overstay fee, select the charger in the App or Driver Portal (charging map).

Overstay Fees:

Charge points up to 22kW: £0.05/min (8am-8pm).

Charge points from 50kW: £0.20/min

Partners & Roaming

We work with a range of partners to provide you with the best charging experience – this includes setting up roaming agreements with other charge point operators so that you can access with ease as wide a network as possible through us, without having the need to have multiple accounts and Apps. We also want to make charging as straightforward as possible for our various partners and their customers, by giving them a hassle-free access to our network. 

Our Mobility Partners


Allstar One Electric card holders are  welcome to use our public charge points. Follow the instructions on the charger to charge your vehicle with your Allstar One Electric Card.




NewMotion customers are able to charge at our public charge points using their NewMotion app and charge card.

Please check with NewMotion for the charging rate applicable to NewMotion customers.

Octopus Energy

Drivers signed up to Octopus Energy’s Electric Juice Network (ENJ) can now charge at our public nationwide network using their ENJ app or RFID card.


Paua’s fleet customers can find, charge and pay at our EV chargers at any public site across the UK with the Paua mobile app.


Zap-Map customers using the Zap-Pay service to pay for their charging can access all our public chargers.

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