Electrifying the Commercial and Heavy Goods Sector

The UK has over 615,000 Trucks and 4.8 million vans on the road. Despite representing a mere 1% of all vehicles on Britain’s roads, HGVs are accountable for 20% of the UK’s transport emissions, roughly equivalent to all UK air travel, buses, and shipping together. 

Our e-guide has everything you need to know about how and where these new electric models will charge, a breakdown of the steps fleet managers need to take when installing this mission-critical infrastructure, and how Mer can support you on this journey, including our financial models. 

EV Charging for HGV, Bus & Truck Eguide

What's in the Guide?

The government is propelling a UK-wide EV charging infrastructure roll-out in line with the country’s transition to zero-emission vehicles. Our guide is designed to help fleet managers get started with EV infrastructure for their commercial and heavy goods fleet. 

  • What is propelling the shift to electrifying CVs and HGVs? 
  • Where will these vehicles charge? 
  • Depot charging: getting the charging infrastructure right for your fleet 
  • Powering up your commercial fleet with Mer 

Download the guide to Electrifying Commercial and Heavy Goods Vehicles

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