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Case Study – Supporting Milk & More With Their Modern Electric Fleet

Milk & More is the UK’s biggest online doorstep milk delivery firm. As the company introduced new electric milk floats, they needed a charge point roll-out programme.

milk & more electric fleet

Client – Milk & More

Geographical Area – Greater London

The Background

With a history of leading the way in electric transportation, with electric milk floats on the road since 1950, the company took a step forward in 2018 as they took delivery of a new fleet of LDV V80 vans.

Mer (formerly Elmtronics) was on hand to offer support for their initial charging needs and, as their electric fleet grows throughout the country, we continue to work with the team. The company now has a 50% electrified fleet with 550 EVs.

Milk & More’s older fleet of electric milk floats, which were powered by lead-acid batteries, required a very different charging system to the modern infrastructure on offer today.

After reviewing the market and a recommendation from the LDV dealership, Milk & More partnered with us to help scope out the most suitable charging product. Starting with their bases in Greater London, the company is now on phase three of their charge point roll-out programme.


The Solution

The initial phase of the project back in 2018 began with a thorough scoping exercise to help us to understand both the charging requirements of the vehicles and the logistics of Milk & More’s operations.

As the LDV vans were new to the market at that time, an assessment of their charging specifications and a survey of their depots was carried out to find the right solution for the team.

Due to the nature of the business, with vehicles back at base from 8am to 11pm, it was identified that 7kW charge points would be the most appropriate solution for their needs. This provides the company with sufficient time to ensure that the vehicles would be fully charged for the next day but without placing too much pressure on the electrical capacity of the depots.

Wall mounted, dual charge points were provided and each vehicle was allocated a specific charge point, RFID card, and parking bay to make it easier to keep track of each vehicle and its charging.

The company was attracted to the ease of use of the charge points, with the RFID card making it simple for the drivers to plug-in after their night shift. All charge points are connected to our back office system which allows the team to identify any issues and act quickly to ensure there is no disruption to the day’s rounds.

milk and more electric fleet

“They have been a partner of ours from the very beginning. The team had a clear understanding of the direction of our fleet strategy and provided us with invaluable information to get us started as we moved to our new fleet. From providing charging for our very first vehicles in 2018 through to supporting us with additional infrastructure as our fleet continues to grow, they have been an important part of our journey.”

Mark Chapman, Electric Fleet support specialist at Milk & More

The first phase of the roll-out began in Greater London with 40 charge points installed at the Milk & More Fulfilment Centre and then an additional four centres in the area. Since then two additional roll-outs of 47 charge points in Oxford, Southampton, Bristol and Birmingham have taken place. In total the company has installed over 200 charge points across multiple locations.

The company was also supported to access the Workplace Charging Scheme grant, helping to reduce the overall costs of such a large scale roll-out programme.

Elmtronics became part of the Mer group from April 2022. The move will further strengthen Mer UK’s offering in the UK to provide workplace, fleet, public and home charging solutions.

Mer’s mission is to make sustainable electric mobility easy and accessible to everyone.

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