Convenient Charging with EV Hubs 

Our 2023 survey on customer satisfaction revealed that EV drivers prioritise convenient charge point locations, particularly those located along their route to a destination and at rapid charging stations. This highlights the importance of strategically placed public charge points for customer satisfaction, a golden opportunity for landowners. 

What is an EV Charging Hub? 

An EV charging hub is a charging location with six or more bays. Installing charging hubs provides an enhanced EV charging experience for visitors to your site.

What makes a good location for a charging hub?

An important consideration is how an EV charging hub will be utilised, ideally, a hub will be located: 

  • Close to major routes through the city  
  • Close to areas housing without off-street parking  
  • Within council-owned car parks or retail car parks (mainly open-air, large car parks)  
  • Close to an electrical connection 

An Enhanced EV Charging Experience 

Providing EV charging hubs for the millions of fully electric cars and plug-in hybrids on UK roads will bring even more customers to your site.   

Sites such as garden centres, retail parks and supermarkets are great locations for a hub of charge points. Customers will need to stay longer whilst their electric car charges, this means they can spend this time shopping, eating and drinking, working out, relaxing, or catching up with a friend.

An EV charging hub can revolutionise the customer experience at your site.  


of people who intend to own an EV will visit retailers and businesses more frequently if they provide the right charging facilities. 


of survey participants had charged their electric vehicle at a supermarket.


increase in dwell time for retailers that installed EV charging stations, with average spend ranging from £36 up to £80 per visit.

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What Type of Charge Points are Best for EV Hubs?

Rapid & ultra-rapid EV chargers are typically used for charging hubs. These super-fast chargers significantly lower charging times and help to reduce range anxiety in EV drivers. 

Motorists frequently prefer using rapid & ultra-rapid charging stations over fast chargers and are likely to visit your establishment for a convenient recharge while they browse or shop.  

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What's In the Guide to EV Charging Hubs?

Benefits of installing EV charging hubs for landowners 

Best practice insights from landowners who have installed charging hubs

What to look for in a charge point operator when thinking about installing your hub 

Electric vehicle charging points

EV Charging Hub Case Study

Mer Helps Blue Diamond Grow Greener with Destination EV Charging Hubs  

Blue Diamond is the second largest garden centre group in the UK and The Channel Islands, with sites across the country.  

Searching for new ways to enhance the customer experience at its centres, Blue Diamond wanted to install EV charge points hubs across its portfolio.  

Read the full case study

Mer was an excellent fit for our ethos on the installation of charging stations in our car parks – thanks to the supply of 100% green energy to all chargers and a flexible charging option for our customers to use whilst visiting our centres.

Alan Roper, Managing Director of Blue Diamond Group

Download the Guide to EV Charging Hubs

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