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Commercial Vehicle Show 2022

Commercial Vehicle Show 2022

This year we will be attending the Commercial Vehicle Show (CVS) to share our knowledge and expertise on electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Why should Public Sector bodies use existing frameworks for their tendering process – and how to use them

Using existing frameworks can save authorities time and money in tendering processes. So what are they, and how do they work?

ev funding commercial landowners

EV Charging Infrastructure – Business models for Commercial Landowners

Looking to install EV charging infrastructure? Read our breakdown of the different funding options available to commercial landowners.

electric vehicles grants 2021

A 2022 guide to government incentives & grants for EVs

A summary of the government incentives and grants available to UK businesses, local authorities and individuals for charging and purchase in 2022.

garden centre charger

Electric Vehicle charging at Garden Centres: All there is to know about offering EV charging to your customers

Read our breakdown of the different charging options available, and which ones we think are the most suitable for Garden Centres.

mer ultra rapid charger

How the UK government plans to boost the number of public chargers to increase EV adoption rates

The government just announced a £1.6 billion funding package to boost EV charging across the UK - with Local Authorities set to play a crucial role.

Career with Mer

A Q&A with Mer UK’s Managing Director Anthony Hinde on the UK’s public charging infrastructure

We ask Anthony about the current state of charging in the UK, and what the government's recent EV charging plans mean for the country's public charging infrastructure.

EV chargepoint

Why you should choose a renewable energy provider when installing EV charge points

Get to grips with the realities of green energy suppliers and why it's so important to use a renewable energy supplier when installing EV charge points.

norway ev charging

EV charging infrastructure best practice: learnings from Norway

83.7% of cars sold in Norway in January 2022 were electric. What’s the secret to Norway’s success?

ev chargers

How To Use A 75 kW Mer Rapid Charger

Are you looking to use a Mer rapid charger? We have created a handy video to show you the different steps to charge your electric vehicle on a Mer rapid charger.

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